Innovation in Tough Times by Amelia Stuttard.

Working in office situation

What started as a passing UK headline about an illness in China, turned supposed three-week vacation from school and work, is now the subject leaving everyone’s lips in every other conversation. Coronavirus has flipped the country upside down since it first made its way past the borders and into the UK. Many lives have been affected and, solemn to say, some were even taken. As an entire population, we have all had to adjust our lives to suit the wishes of this wicked virus: many businesses have suffered a great deal due to the countless lockdowns and restrictions, and as a result so have employers/employees.
If the digital age had not already made its mark enough, coronavirus has most definitely given it the platform to finally do so. To avoid human interaction, we have been forced to live our lives behind a computer screen or, for some, enjoy the company of our own inner voices. When put under such circumstances, many of us busied ourselves with projects we might not have considered when we still had free-roaming of the world. Some people picked up a paintbrush, many of us picked up our phones and downloaded TikTok. And while the pandemic has ruined the lives of so many, times have not always been tough. The country has learned to band together and realised the importance of keeping each other safe, and so many young people have found themselves from the time they spent alone – more relevantly to this blog, one great thing came from this pandemic and that is Branxel.
Branxel was founded in the light of the pandemic: Director of the company, Olalekan Saliu, spent countless mind-numbing, finger-twiddling days waiting for his freedom just as we all did – until the end of our three-week vacation never arrived and his urge to create finally forced his hand and he took over Branxel. Starting a business is a challenging task even on the average Monday, let alone in the midst of what feels like the end of the world. While Branxel was making its rise as a business, others that did not have such a great understanding of cyberspace were slowly declining. With the creation of Branxel, not only has Olalekan Saliu been able to keep his thumbs busy in unprecedented times but has also become just what these suffering businesses needed.
It might be difficult for some companies to adhere to the world of digital business in regard to marketing and brand design – it might be that these businesses have never needed to have an online presence and are now suddenly suffering as a result. Branxel is a great asset to businesses under these circumstances: through rebranding and an easy to navigate website, many businesses will be able to put themselves back on the cyber map and see themselves through this difficult period.